Teen & Adult Beginners Class

Teen & Adult Beginners Class

Welcome to the most dynamic kicking martial art in the world! Whether your looking for fitness, fat loss, self-defense or to kick start your martial arts striking skills this is the class for you. This class will provide you with benefits such as the development of: flexibility, co-ordination, physical fitness, full body strength, endurance, confidence and much more. In general, you should expect to burn between 400 to 650 calories per each session performed. The best part is you’ll be enjoying yourself so much you wont even notice

These classes are conducted in a fun and positive learning environment. You will be sure to feel welcome here regardless of age, fitness and gender. The objective is for everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy their training aiming to achieve your own personal goals no matter what they may be. This beginner class is the perfect opportunity to begin regular training where everyone has the same ability and knowledge. Adults and teens train with people of their own age and ability in our classes.

Your typical class compiles of a full body warm up including dynamic stretching and mobility, skill development exercises, padwork to develop punching and kicking techniques and combinations, full body conditioning and toning exercises, fun physical fitness games and a full body cool down and stretch out.

You will be in safe hands under the guidance of Mr Richard Forde, current Irish Taekwon-Do Team member. Holder of  Individual European Championship and European Cup titles in sparring and Multiple National Champion. 

Why not give it a go you wont be disappointed! Come along with a friend if it would make you feel more comfortable and start your journey to a new you together. Of course you can always start training yourself you will be sure to feel welcomed immediately and feel like part of the group.

Take the first step now and get in contact with us at East Cork Taekwon-Do. Call or text Richard on 085-8267810 or fill in the contact form below.