Taekwon-Do for Junior/Senior Infants


We would like to welcome you to Taekwon-Do for kids,where all of our young athletes have so much fun learning how to perform the coolest of Taekwon-Do moves, with super cool exercises, teaching our students everything from great communication skills to helping them make friends and learn everything so much faster, to developing great fitness skills such as balance, strength, co-ordination. These skills will lay the foundation for children starting the path to eventually becoming black belts.

In our 4- 6 years programme we will:

  • Emphasize fun activity in a safe and non-threatening environment
  • Develop dojang (training hall) rules and Taekwon-Do etiquette
  • Ensure that Fundamental Movement Patterns gain quality, definition and refinement as the basis for building Taekwon-Do specific skills
  • Use Fun activities and games to develop physical capacities (basic strength, postural control, core strength and flexibility) as well as agility, balance and coordination
  • Take advantage of increased trainability to enhance speed/quickness of movements and develop flexibility
  • Develop self-esteem through positive reinforcement and rewarding good behavior
  • Introduce basic stances and techniques
  • Encourage creative play that develops basic sparring stances, punches and kicks
  • Use simple games to introduce basic concepts of self defence
  • Facilitate cognitive development in areas such as: recall, memory, concentration and problem solving
  • Nurture psycho/social development: desire to learn and be active, self confidence to try new things, self expression and group social skills, self comparison and task focus



Book a place now by filling in the form below or call/text

Mr Richard Forde 085-8267810





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