Join Martial Arts This September!

Here at East Cork Taekwon-Do we have classes open to beginners aged 3-6 (TKD Kubz), 7-12 (Junior TKD) and Adults. Taekwon-Do is a great way to get active.


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The Kubz programme is a unique Martial Arts and Fitness activity for children between 3 and 6 years of age. It has been created to help develop confidence, discipline, focus and valuable life skills as well as enhancing your child’s fitness levels, balance, coordination and motor skills.  This is achieved through specially tailored activities, exercises, games and drills taught by our first class Instructors.

The best way for your child to learn is through having fun. In Kubz your son/daughter is guaranteed to enjoy them self in each and every class! Subconsciously they will learn a variety of skills that will help develop them into a well-rounded young boy or girl, better equipped to adapt to school, new challenges and some of the things life may ‘throw’ at them as they begin to grow and mature.






Junior TKD (7-12 YEARS OLD)


At I-Kick we have a fantastic Junior Taekwon-do programme, TKD JNRZ. This is a tailored Martial Arts class for children between 7 and 12 years of age.

This unique class is excellent for developing focus in your child, allowing them to grow and develop into a well-rounded young individual.
It’s the beginning of their Taekwon-do journey and is fantastic for learning new skills and instilling confidence as it offers so much in terms of valuable life skills, due to the core Martial Arts values it encourages.

In the TKD JNRZ programme the children will learn discipline, Martial Arts etiquette, school-defence skills, how to work as a team, how to take responsibility, perseverance and self-control. Additionally, they will also meet new friends and increase their physical fitness levels.

There is also the opportunity to participate in the sporting element of Taekwon-do, with events such as pattern, sparring, special technique and power breaking, allowing students to explore the competitive aspect of sport.

The TKD JNRZ programme follows the same grading structure as that of Senior Taekwon-do. When the student first joins, they begin at White belt. As they progress through their training, they will have the opportunity to be examined for their next grade. When successful, they will be promoted to the next rank and continue to set new goals to be achieved for their next higher grade.







Adult Taekwon-Do/ Korean Kickboxing

In these classes you will improve all aspects of your physical fitness e.g. flexibility, muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular. You will learn a practical self defence martial art in a progressive, effective and logical manner. Students will grow in confidence as they progress at a level suitable to each individual in an atmosphere which is very welcoming, fun and structured. Students will be motivated to achieve personal goals, such as improving self confidence, increasing fitness levels and progressing through the grade system. All training is conducted in a safe and fun environment. It’s suitable for those who just want to improve fitness levels as well as those looking for a competitive sport.

As you progress you can explore new pathways; competition, umpiring, coaching (IMAC / TAB and Irish Sports Council recognised qualifications, or simply training to keep improving your personal, physical and psychological health and well being.  

Adults and teens train with people of their own age in both grade specific and mixed grade / ability classes. Our adult class comprises a broad mix of people who come together to enjoy Taekwon-Do training. This class caters for beginners through to competitors.